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What crystals are?

How do they interact with us and the environment?

What relationship is there between stones and humans?

Energy : the discoveries of quantum physics

Thanks to the discoveries made in the field of quantum physics over a century ago, it has been shown that every body, organism and material thing has an energy field called aura, which is in constant interaction with those of the organism/things with which it is in relationship.

“ We can say that any natural phenomenon is accompanied by the absorption or emission of heat, light, electromagnetic radiation in continuous exchange of energy.”

Fabio Nocentini writes:

“ All matter, even the apparently inanimate one is a form of energy. The theory of relativity, formulated in 1905 by Einstein, as well as the discoveries of modern quantum physics, bring scientific confirmation to this concept….

Inorganic matter is organized according to different structures respect to human beings, plants and animals; but also in it we find subatomic particles such as electrons. The presence of these particles shows us that matter and energy interpenetrate so much that they transform into each other.

Thanks to this consideration, it can be said that even minerals, as aggregates of atoms in which the presence of energy is detected, have the faculty to interact with the environment and with human beings.

The universe has its own unity, it appears as a set of relationships, whereby each part always interacts with the whole.”

Through this energy exchange, there is also an exchange of information because, due to their long existence, minerals are to be considered constant sources of informations.


A crystal is a geometrically regular solid body in which molecules and atoms are organized regularly in the space. It is this crystalline microstructure that determines the physical properties of the crystal as color, shape, hardness..

The difference between crystals and other non-crystallized bodies (solid, liquid and gaseous) is that in this last, the molecules, the atoms.. are organized in no order.

In the formation of crystalline structures such as quarz, atoms bond together in perfect harmony and unity. Quarz amplify and strengthen healing, centering, intention and reduce stress.

Katrina Raphaell writes:

“ The orderly way in which atoms organize themselves in a crystalline structure, is what makes these forms intrinsically complete. The vertex of the crystal connects and aligns each molecule, atom..contained within it, to the universal source of energy.

The presence of crystals in an environment suggests that perfection is possible; shows that it is possible to be bright, beautiful, full of energy.”


K.Raphaell clarifies that crystals are not magical objects and that their action results from the relationship with those who use them:

“ The crystals don’t act according to their own initiative, but express their properties by resonating with the intentions of those who use them: they are accumulators, amplifiers and transmitters of thought.

Crystals are not the end of themselves…what we really need is to know ourselves and the crystals can help us.”


“ The art of tuning into a crystal, yourself, another person, is the ability to neutralize the mind ( through meditation, visualization, physical activities..) and become calm to the point of allowing yourself to perceive the truth. We can understand them if we have a clear mind and an open heart; the crystal becomes a mirror.”


“ Abandon all the expectations and allow the spirit to receive the vibrations that the crystal emanates; ask it to reflect the answers that come from the truth within you. The answer can come as symbols, images but in any case it is a message that comes from you to yourself, amplified and transmitted by the crystal with love.”


“ It is possible to program a crystal with an intent and objective ; they have to be clear and precise; just take it with you, look at it to remind of that intent.”


“ Often, when the physical body gives signs of discomfort, the real reasons remain ignored: … the body becomes a repository of past and unresolved events.

Each part of our body responds to a specific emotion. During the healing process it is important to pay attention not only to physical symptoms, but also to causes of emotional-mental origin.

Thanks to the therapeutic power of the stones, we can heal the physical , psychic and emotional body at the same time, aligning them with the source of life.

Healing with crystals is one of the most advanced and effective techniques for cleaning up the aura, freeing ourselves from repressed traumas and connecting with one’s inner source of truth and power: the power to choose and heal, to forgive, to let go and …above all, to love yourself.”


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