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The crystal therapy is based on the assumption that crystals have a healing power. This is not a novelty in the last few decades, in which crystal therapy has started to spread widely; since ancient times men of the earth have used minerals and crystals for ornamental and therapeutic purposes. Some populations have reached advanced knowledge in crystal therapy as the Egyptians.

Some populations have reached advanced knowledge at the level of therapy with crystals, such as the Egyptians with whom they were not only a votive offer for the divinity and funerary monuments, but were also used for therapeutic and ornamental purposes. It seems that the color of the stones was particularly important for them: it had magical properties and was therefore used for healing purposes.

The Egyptians built amulets to protect against evil, its earthly or otherworldly and to bring good luck.These people loved crystals so much because they were considered a link to the divine and to knowledge. The most used stones were: amethyst, agate, smeraldo, carnelian, turquoise.

Even at the Sumerians, the amulet was widespread and the engraved stones were used as seals.

In China the processing of jade dates back to four thousands years ago, while in Mexico, jade and turquoise were more appreciated than gold by the mayans.

In all the populations there is an oral tradition of ancient therapeutic and magical customs transmitted through the generations and there are ancient texts, that have been miraculously preserved in this regard, despite the cultural pulverization that occurred to the detriment of the pre-christian cultures.

As regards the therapeutic and medicinal use of crystals, this was widespread among almost all ancient peoples.The recepies were usually composed of one or more stones, used rough or tumbled

and applied either on the diseased part, or placed in a bag that was brought with you for the time of treatment, all together or alternating.


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