-Kyanite is aluminium neosilicate, very crumbly, has elongated crystals blu and white colours.

-Kyanite works on fifth, sixth and seventh chakra.

-It is a power instrument for the awakening, it creates a bridge that connects the body of light and the physical body through the mind, encouraging lucidity: kyanite expands the cosmic vision and at the same time, gives a clearer view of the reality beyond appearances. In this way it helps to overcome illusions.

-This crystal activates the power of the higher mind that had been asleep for millions of years; allowing thoughts to travel to any place you want you have conscious access to the source of creation without going through time or space.

-It improves psychic images and visualization; during the meditations it provides answers to questions in the form of images and sensations and this is a great help when we have to take important decisions

-Working on the seventh chakra, kyanite favors a higher spirituality and awareness and a more intense relationship with the higher energies, allowing you to rely more on intuition than rationality, promotes foresight, connects with the higher self.

-Kyanite aligns and purify all chakras and subtle bodies quickly and naturally

– It improves energy flow, strengthens and protects the throat, promotes brain activity, slows down the aging process.




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