Crystal therapy Pranotherapy THETA HEALING

Mother Earth feeds and supports us, care and healing come from her

Studio Olistico Modena Italia
Studio Olistico Modena


Balance and well-being with holistic therapies combined with crystals.

Crystal therapy, Pranotherapy, Theta healing with the aware breath and meditation, help to dissolve emotional knots like fears, stress, anxiety, physical and spiritual blocks and pains.

The life energy increases encouraging the reinforcement of the immunitary system.

The choice of natural and healthy food, the phytotherapy, the aromatherapy together with a regular physical activity, let you to maintain the health state.


" You are here to enjoy life in its entirety and the only way to live, love, enjoy life is to forget the future.
Life is a pilgrimage to the nothing: from nowhere to nowhere. In the middle of these no-where, the Here and Now exists "

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Three techniques

I usually suggest a combination of crystal therapy, pranotherapy and theta healing.
Each of them can be also practiced separately.

Crystal therapy

The crystalline structure of crystals makes them a real masterpiece of Nature, as they have reached the perfection in their kingdom. That’s why crystals have so much to teach us : light, order, cleaning and much more physically and spiritually.

Crystal therapy

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“Prana” means life energy. Everything emanates energy : a crystal, an animal, a vegetable, a human being and everything exists. We are all immersed in this energy and connected each other, as the quantum physic demonstrates.


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Through the relaxation, the deep breathing, the visualization and the sound of Tibetan and crystal bells, we enter in a meditative dimension in which the brain emanates theta waves…


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Who i'm I


We are a living organism: each part can resounds in harmony with the others, with the Earth and the Sky

Since nearly twenty years I practice meditation and holistic therapies based on the presupposition that human being is formed from a physical, a mental and a spiritual part.

The health is the balance of each part.

Giovanna Bassoli

Breathing is primarily responsible for relaxation

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