Theta Healing

Reprogramming and connection to Love


Through relaxation and centering in the breath, that is achieved through visualization, muscle relaxation and the sound of Tibetan and crystals bells, one enters a meditative dimension in which the brain emanates theta waves.

The operator accompanies to a connection with the universal energy source, a space to which we are all connected and in which it is possible to ask for what you want and what you need , previously established in a dialogue phase.

With this technique it is possible to reprogram ourselves, transforming beliefs and limiting programs that, brought to awareness, can be left and replaced with others more conforming to what we want.

Useful for various types of problems: physical, work, relationship.


This powerful technique is useful for any problem. My experience has so far covered:

Benefits in the work:

Changing jobs and finding them depends only on us and on the mental patterns we have, according to our experience; it is possible to transform them and allow the best work for us to present itself and that we are able to undertake it.

Benefits related to relationship problems:

It is not always easy to live relationships of love, friendship, work…It is possible to improve all relationships with others, starting from us and from analysis of our mental programs and emotional dynamics underlying problems with the outside.

Benefits related to physical health problems:

Often fears, states of anxiety and stress are reflected on the body making us sick. By investigating what caused us the discomfort we are experiencing, it is possible to solve the problem, dissolving the blocks at the base.
I suggest if necessary, a check of blood values, a vitamin intake if deficient and an adequate natural diet.

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