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The foundation of my life and work is meditation through relaxation and love for the life, the Earth, and all the creatures


With “ Meditation” I mean a state of relaxation which comes from conscious centering in the breath.

We can live every moment in meditation, feeling the life flow; so we relax and we don’t react to the events of life, but we live them first from the inside, and then we give a conscious response outside. Recovering contact with ourselves, with our power, we can be happy in every moment, grateful for the gift of life. This is our task here on Earth.

Anything that prevents this connection with our soul, must be cleaned up, ordered, sometimes transformed.

Relaxation and meditation favour a cerebral state in theta waves, crystal therapy, pranotherapy, theta healing , contribute to melt emotional knots, fears, states of anxiety, as well as physical problems. They also help to a reprogramming of schemes and beliefs that no longer conform to our present.

I suggest a natural diet, based on the product of the earth, preferably of biological origin, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and an adequate vitamin intake if lacking an adequate vitamins and minerals intake.

I graduated : In crystal therapy advanced from Crystal Academy In Pranotherapy from A.MI. University In Theta healing DNA 2 advanced For years I have been experimenting with Osho meditation techniques and I have participated in the “ Osho Diamond Breath “ group , on the breath, at Insitute of Meditation, Miasto ( Italy) .


OSHO says : “ When you do absolutely nothing- physically, mentally or at any other level- when every activity has stopped and you simply exist, that is meditation.” “ The

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