OSHO says :

“ When you do absolutely nothing- physically, mentally or at any other level- when every activity has stopped and you simply exist, that is meditation.”

“ The secret of meditating is all here: you become the observer”

“ You are the one who observes and you can observe the totality of what happens. No effort is expected to focus on something…we just observe, to be pure awareness.”

“ I simply invite you to play with this idea that you are not doing anything…you don’t need a particular position, a particular time. You just have to be relaxed and play. A meditative person is playful, it is incredibly fun, it is never serious…just be silent, centered in yourself and one day…it can happen every day…it just depends on how playful you are.”

Meditation is your intrinsic nature: you are, your being, which already exists hidden in you and has nothing to do with what you do.

“ Meditation is a state of absolute assured clarity of views, not a state of mind, since the mind is confusion… . When you exist in your simple essential being, a clarity of vision occurs; you cannot think about it, you have to drop all thoughts, which it means doing nothing. Sit down.. be relaxed , don’t go anywhere…”.

“ The treasure has always been present inside you, but you were busy elsewhere: in thoughts, in desires, in a thousand things.”

Silence is meditation

“ Sit in silence, relaxed and let your attention flow into the empty spaces, in the intervals between the words…the words come and go, the silence remains. When you were born, you were born as silence .. the day you die, again, the words will fall….your emptiness is your Self; the mind means words, the Self is silence.

Where the mind ends, meditation begins:

“ Everything we do is done through the mind. So when we turn to the inner sphere, we think again in terms of techniques, methods…and everything can be done by the mind, everything except meditation, since it already exists, it is your nature; it just has to be remembered….”.

“ Meditation techniques are used to remove the obstruction of the mind, to create a space in which the mind can become quiet, silent, absent and in the Here and Now….. But your mind is so full of thoughts, so immersed in the past, so projected into the future…; the techniques are necessary to keep you right Now as if it were the only one in existence. At that point, no technique is needed anymore.”

“ People who are creative transform themselves into meditators with ease. Do something new every day, small changes are enough, in the way you walk, how you speak.. and you will see that the mind loses its grip on you and you become a little freer.

Be less efficient and more creative…you don’t exist, in this life, to become something useful, a commodity..

You are here to become more and more alive, more and more intelligent, you are here to become more and more happy, ecstatically happy…”


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