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Nature gives us precious remedies: crystals and essential oils for the health of body, mind and spirit

Crystals and essential oils ( which enhance the action of crystals) are precious allies to solve various problems, imbalances, helping us to recover in health and well-being.

Both belong to the kingdom of nature and have been used by man since ancient times in all cultures


chakra 6

Black tourmaline, hematite, smoky quartz-

Bergamot oil, tea tree oil

Hematite: harmonizes mind, body, spirit, acts as a protective shield, strengthens the will to live, pushes to take care of basic needs. Improves the assimilation of iron by the small intestine. Corresponding elements: oxygen and iron.

Black tourmaline: purify and roots spiritual energy, balancing all the chakras helping the conduction of energy in an orderly and precise way through the nervous system; it works on the legs and on lower limbs. A protective stone, protects also against electromagnetic radiation by absorbing them.

Smoky quartz : very effective for the rooting of energy, it brings great cleaning and purification, helps neutralize low vibrations. Promotes detoxification, positive thinking, reduces stress.

Bergamot oil : refreshes environments by disinfecting them, has antiseptic properties and it is therefore excellent for colds, bronchitis and throat pain. It has sedative properties, so it is useful for nervousness, stress…

Tea tree oil : antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal; useful for acne, throat inflammation. In rooms it has an antibacterial and refreshing function.


chakra 7

Carnelian stone – Sandalwood oil, oils for women

Carnelian stone: belongs to agate family, contains iron. It promotes stability, gives courage that which is necessary for everyday life to improve itself. It helps to solve problems quickly and finalize what has been undertaken.

Sandalwood oil: native to tropical Asia, it is soothing, purifying and relaxing. For four thousand years it has been used to promote meditation. It is aphrodisiac, it reduces anxiety and nervous tension. It helps to cut ties with the past and to get rid of obsessions.

Oils for woman:

Lemon balm oil : suitable for liberate the mind, it has a powerful calming effect, useful in case of shock, panic, anxiety, insomnia, depression and affliction. Rebalances emotions, useful in case of mourning, useful against allergies and asthma. It is also a uterine tonic, regulates menstruation and relieves menstrual pain.

Rose oil: useful in female ailments such as premenstrual syndrome and irregular menstruation.

Jasmine oil : relieves menstrual pain, cures vaginal infections.

Geranium oil : useful for premenstrual syndrome and menopause disorders


chakra 5

Tiger eye stone, citrine quartz, lemon quartz

Ginger oil, lemon oil, peppermint oil

Tiger eye stone : varieties of quartz whose reflexes recall those of an eye, from which the ancient belief of beneficial effect on the eyes. It helps to clarify where it is located, to overcome moments of difficulty and not to lose self-confidence. Pain-relieving function . It helps to realize what we want.

Citrine quartz, lemon quartz: powerful purifiers, their energy is similar to that of the sun. Increase self-confidence by fighting destructive tendencies, promoting an optimistic attitude. They awaken the upper mind, giving calm, concentration: the yellow is mental concreteness. They give energy, physically, by stimulating digestion, spleen, pancreas. On an emotional level, they give joy of life and balance. Their transparency brings warmth, clarity, concentration, activates the immune system.

Ginger oil : useful for stomach problems, it tones and balances the digestive system. Useful for arthritis and muscle pain, it can have a warming and refreshing action; it has anti-bacterical properties. Comfort, warms and promotes emotions. It has a stimulating but also a stabilizing effect.

Lemon oil: keep in the fridge, in the dark. Excellent disinfectant and antibacterial, purifies the air, useful for acne and oily skin. Mentally it clears the mind; massaging the solar plexus to reawaken the love of life.

Peppermint oil : very suitable remedy for digestive disorders such as nausea, vomiting and excess food: 1/2 drops with a

little honey. Mentally it promotes concentration: rubbing the temples with ½ drops for headaches, it eliminates stress.


chakra 4

Pink quartz,

Rose oil, jasmine oil

Pink quartz: strengthening the ability to love oneself, purifies and opens the heart chakra by removing anxieties, restores trust and harmony in relationships. Strengthens the heart and circulatory system.

Rose oil : gives inner peace, you can use a few drops in the massage oil to massage the heart area. In environments, it promotes relaxation and a good mood.

Jasmin oil: excellent for fighting depression, thanks to its regulatory effect on hormones it is useful for fighting postpartum depression. Instills self-confidence, calms the nerves and makes breathing deeper. Simultaneously ignites emotions, makes you find confidence, optimism , vitality.


chakra 3

Lapis lazuli, sodalite

Geranium oil, lavender oil

Lapis lazuli : means “blue stone”, promotes wisdom and honesty, helping to be oneself and to assert one’s inner truth and facilitates the expression of feelings. Indicated in disorders of the larynx, neck, resulting from repressed anger. Regulates the functioning of thyroid.

Sodalite: stimulates the desire for truth, allows you to live your life according to your desires while remaining true to yourself, strengthening the sense of your identity. Useful in disorders of the larynx, throat, vocal cords.

Geranium oil : it has a rebalancing effect on the hormonal levels of the body and it has a positive effect on the respiratory system: it helps relieve sore throat and tonsillitis, relieves headaches. Good insect repellent.

Lavender oil : useful against parasites and moths, before and after insect bites, disinfectant. In the environment: lavender, bergamot and lemon ensure fresh air. It has a calming effect on the central nervous system and can make sleep easier ( some drops on the pillow or in the diffuser). It helps in mood swings, anxiety, depression.


Amethyst, fluorite stone

Lavender oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil

Amethyst: great spiritual and purifying power means “ that which cannot be drunk”; in ancient times it was thought that it made man awake by conferring common sense and balance.It amplifies vision, increasing the ability to visualize and spiritual awareness. Meditative stone, reveals his inner wisdom; thus makes us open to intuition and connection to the soul. It facilitates the memory of dreams, placed under the pillowsleep becomes deep and peaceful. Useful for skin care, relieves pain and regulates metabolism.

Fluorite stone: it is a multicolored stone that works on skull, bones, teeths.In the green variety gives freshness to the mind,

useful on the head in case of migraine and confusion and chaos of thoughts : it helps to get rid of old and fixed thoughts and helps to make room for the new by helping to relax the mind.



chakra 1

Hyaline quartz,

Frankincense oil

Hyaline quartz: among the ancients it was believed that it was ice capable of driving out demons and diseases. It makes sincere, promotes understanding of others, stimulates us to express our deepest nature. It balances the brain’s fictions, strengthens the nerves, alleviates feverish states, pains and it infuses energy. It is the most powerful stone for energy recharge; it re-harmonizes. Helps vision and seeing light.

Frankincense oil: sacred for at least three thousand years, it was used in many cultures to appease the gods. It has a calming effect on the mind, it slows down breathing; useful in meditation and prayer. Three drops on the center of the forehead against obsessions and negative energies.


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