Since ancient times men have been fascinated by minerals and precious metals, whose structural perfection and whose colors were interpreted as a direct manifestation of the divinity.

Colors are light, sunlight contains in itself all colors.The color of any body depends on the wavelength of the reflected light that generates the various chromatic effects. In order for a mineral to take on any color, it is necessary that it is able to absorb some light frequencies.

In crystal therapy the colors of the crystals recall precise healing properties and depending on the color, they act on each different chakra.

Red minerals : stimulants, instill warmth and determination, stimulate circulation

Orange minerals : revitalizing effect

Yellow minerals : instill courage, light, optimism, lightheartedness, balance

Green minerals : harmonizing action on a physical and mental level; green is also connected to the heart and related feelings: joy,love..

Pink minerals : stimulate love and compassion

Blu minerals : promote relaxation, psychological loyalty, make you more active and help to become aware of external influences

Violet minerals : purifying and liberating action, stimulate brain activity, allow to overcome sadness and trauma, favoring freedom of thought, instill calm and relaxation in the mind.

White and transparent minerals : they do not absorb any light frequencies, they carry the light towards us, stimulating growth; they represent clarity and creativity.


Chakras are vortices of energy that swirl like a wheel, attracting or rejecting: whatever the chakra encounters at its vibrational level, it is drawn into the chakra itself, elaborated and put back in circulation.

Chakra : centers of activity for reception, assimilation and transmission of vital energy.

1 Chakra : MULADHARA : Ruby, Meat

At the base of the spine, it is associated with survival, has the function of support, root, immobility, firmness, stability.

Earth element, dark red, black color.

2 Chakra : SVADHISTHANA : Sweetness Liquids

Lower abdomen, genitals, is associated with emotions, desire, pleasure, sexuality.

Water element, orange, red color.

3 Chakra : MANIPURA : Shining gem Starches

Between nevel and solar plexus it is associated with personal power ( self-esteem and will)and metabolic energy, associated with rice, joy, anger.

4 Chakra : ANAHATA : Not hit Vegetables

Heart, chest, is associated with love and compassion.

Air element, pink and green color.

5 Chakra : VISUDDHA : Purification Fruit

Throat, is associated with communication and creativity.

Sound element, light blue color.

6 Chakra : AJNA : Feel

Center of the forehead, associated with clairvoyance, intuition, imagination.

Light element, indigo color.

7 Chakra : SAHASRARA : Thousands leaves

Top of the head, is associated with understanding, wisdom, transcendent consciousness.

Thought element, color from violet to white.


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